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Bypass Protein

Borregaard is a leader in bypass protein technology, supplying global markets for over 30 years. Our products SoyPass®, SoyPreme™ , RaPass™ and Amipro™ feature high levels of undegradable but highly digestible protein that are perfect for today's ration balancing programmes.

Bypass protein for high producing dairy cows

Vegetable protein is an important source of amino acids for the dairy cow. During digestion, however, the majority of this valuable protein is broken down in the rumen of the cow, far too early in the digestive system for it to be fully utilized.

Bypass protein products overcome this problem by protecting the protein while in the rumen, but allowing it to be fully digested within the small intestine. Consequently, better utilization of the essential amino acids occurs, resulting in improved milk production.

The digestion process of a ruminant animal:

Digestion process of a ruminant animal

For the manufacture of our rumen bypass brands, Borregaard has two technologies to offer: "Non enzymatic browning technology" and "Amino Resin Technology".

Bypass Products