FAQ - Pelleting Aids

  • What is lignin/lignosulphonate?

    Click here to learn more about this natural, renewable resource www.lignotech.com

  • When do I need one of Borregaard's pelleting aids?

    When you have problems reaching your quality goals and/or desired throughput.

  • Do Borregaard's pelleting aids have nutritional value?

    Lignosulphonates are approved by the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) as a source of metabolisable energy in animal feeds. (See: Poultry Sci. 47:592-597)

  • Can lignin-based products be used in medicated feeds?

    Unlike clay-based binders, lignin-based products do not strongly adsorb medications. Hence, lignin-based products can be used with medicated feeds. (Ref.: International Journal of Poultry Science 1:13-15.)

  • Are Borregaard's pelleting aids used in aquafeeds?

    Yes, PellTech and Intact Aqua are used as a processing aids in the production of shrimp pellets. Our other pellet binders are used in fish feeds.

  • Are Borregaard's pelleting aids palatable?

    Yes, our products are palatable and used in feeds for all species.

  • Are Borregaard's pelleting aids safe to use in animal feed?

    Our pelleting aids have been safely used in millions of tonnes of animal feed around the world since the 1960ies.

  • Do Borregaard's pelleting aids contain animal products?

    No, they contain no animal products.

  • Do Borregaard's pelleting aids contain ingredients forbidden for feeding animals?

    No, they don't contain melamines, hormones, growth promoters, medicines (including antibiotics), salmonella or other ingredients forbidden for feeding animals.

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