Borregaard presented at the Pig Feed Quality Conference in Manila

Borregaard presented at the Pig Feed Quality Conference in Manila

Sotero Lasap III, Borregaard LignoTech's Technical Sales Manager Asia/Pacific, made a presentation at this year's Pig Feed Quality Conference in Manila, Philippines.

This year’s Pig Quality Control Conference took place in Manila, Philippines, from March 13 to 14. The organizer, Asian Agribiz, had invited speakers from Asia, Europe, and Australia to present various topics related to Swine Nutrition, Swine Performance, and Feed Production. The audience consisted of key industry people from the Philippines, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand and other countries in the region. This was an ideal platform to learn from the speakers and exchange ideas between delegates. 

Borregaard LignoTech's Sotero Lasap III , Technical Sales Manager Asia/Pacific, was a key speaker with the topic: 'Pelleting for Feed Efficiency and Performance'. Lasap stressed the importance of pellet quality as key to improve the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) for Swine; ‘the better the pellet quality, the better the FCR’. If faced with pellet quality problems he mentioned and explained key areas to look for to troubleshoot , which were mainly formulation, conditioning settings, die specification, particle size and cooling. 

Lasap stated “it is not as simple as producing good quality pellets. With today’s economics it is about producing the best possible feed efficient pellets, at the optimum feed mill setting, at the lowest possible feed cost while meeting the nutrient specifications.”

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Sotero Lasap III