New website in Portuguese:

Lignotechfeed Website for Brazil

Borregaard LignoTech launches a Portuguese version of its Feed Additive website for the Brazilian market:

On February 23, Borregaard LignoTech launched a Portuguese version of its Feed Additive website:

Borregaard LignoTech's Feed Additive division has strong growth ambitions for the Brazilian market, and has recently employed two account managers, responsible for developing the company's pelleting aids, acidifiers and bypass protein technology in the country.

Gian Marcassa, responsible for sales of the company's feed additives in North and Central Brazil, states that:

'This new website will support our growth plan, and provide Brazilian feed producers with useful information about topics like: why feed pellet quality is important, how pellet quality is measured - and of course: why our pelleting aids LignoBond DD and PellTech can be useful tools for them.

Typically, feed pellet quality (or 'pellet durability') here in Brazil is significantly lower than in other major feed markets around the world. This means that a considerable part of the ration a feed producer has carefully designed for the animals is lost as fines; either during production, storage, transport or handling. Hence, a lot of costly feed raw materials never get all the way to the animal.

As a result, we see a great potential for improving the feed pellet quality in this market - and our all-natural, high performance, pelleting aids can surely contribute to this.'