Press release: Borregaard targets shrimp market with new product

Borregaard LignoTech has developed a new and sustainable product for the shrimp industry: SoftAcid Aqua Deca.

SoftAcid Aqua Deca has a unique bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect on vibrio bacteria, and can be used both in the water treatment applications (shrimp nursery, algae growth management, cleaning etc.) and for shrimp feed preservation. When added to the feed, the product will reduce microbial contamination and inhibit communication between the surviving bacteria.

Tom Stylo - Business Director Feed Additives

Tom Stylo, Business Director Feed Additives at Borregaard: ‘In many countries, shrimp aquaculture production is depressed by disease, particularly caused by vibrio bacteria. SoftAcid Aqua Deca can be an efficient, sustainable and unique solution to this problem. Not only does the product inhibit bacterial growth and biofilm formation – it can also be used in all phases of the shrimp production, from algae to the growing phase. ’

SoftAcid Aqua Deca will be officially launched worldwide in December 2019.

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