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We have just launched 'Pellet Quality Matters' - a new e-Newsletter for our customers and other contacts in the feed industry.

The plan is to prepare a new issue of Pellet Quality Matters every three months, with technical content related to the pelleting of animal feeds.

The first issue

Borregaard’s  Tom Winowiski  was invited to speak about ‘Pelleting feed for broilers’ at the 2013 Poultry Feed Quality Conference  in Bangkok on September 12. In our first newsletter (click on the photo below to access the full version) we offer you a copy of this presentation.

In   future  issues we  will  focus  on  various  aspects  of  feed  pelleting, including  factors  that  impact  pellet quality, why  a good  pellet quality  is important  for animal nutrition/growth, how  to best test for pellet quality etc.

We hope you are interested in following us! 

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