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Ameri-Bond 2X

Ameri-Bond 2X® is the most effective and versatile pelleting aid available.  For over 20 years, Ameri-Bond 2X has been helping deliver consistent, durable pellets.  Ameri-Bond 2X improves pellet durability through simple adhesion, and is effective at both low and high conditioning temperatures.  Ameri-Bond 2X’s excellent performance is due to its ability to distribute well in the feed, absorb onto feed particles, become adhesive and form bonds with the feed particles.  It is especially useful in high fat feeds, feeds with urea, complete feeds, high protein supplements, and high mineral feeds.  Ameri-Bond 2X is also an effective binder for pressed and poured blocks.  

Ameri-Bond 2X - Superior Performance from Superior Technology

Ameri-Bond 2X delivers consistency by helping produce very durable pellets, less fines, and reduced segregation.  Ameri-Bond 2X is available in 25 kg bags, 600 kg bulk bags (totes), and in bulk.  The typical usage rate is 0.5%.

Nutritional impact of pellet binders

Typical use rates are 0.5% to 1.0%. The usage rate will be dependent on the need, manufacturing equipment, mill conditions, ingredients, and formulation. The binding response is not always linear and Borregaard can provide assistance in determining the most cost-effective application rates for individual feeds.

Field Trials

Ameri-Bond 2X - Pellet Binder

Video: See how Ameri-Bond 2X works