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Pelhesion™ helps you enhance pellet quality at minimum inclusion rate levels.

Pelhesion is made from raw materials selected for their superior binding properties. It converges the unique and complementary properties of two strong binding agents, lignosulfonate and urea-formaldehyde condensation polymer (UFCP).

Pelhesion recommended inclusion rates, at 0.1% to 0.25%, are among the lowest on the market. Low inclusion makes it easy to formulate the product into diets, without sacrificing pellet quality.

Pelhesion’s distinctive formulation allows less added UFCP (compared to pure UFCP binders) while increasing pellet durability compared to other UFCP blends.  Consequently, your operator gets a greener, more sustainable product that ensures a high-quality resilient pellet!

Pelhesion - High performance, low inclusion